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Thunder and Lightning Controller 1000 watt

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Create the sound and light effects of a thunderstorm in your home, haunted house, or theatrical production!

Easy to use thunder and lightning f/x machine - Just play the included CD, plug your lights into the controller, and place the box in front of your speaker. When the sound of thunder is heard, the lights will flash.

This control box is placed near any speaker to pick up the sounds of thunder and flash your lights in sync. Works with up to 1000 watts of incandescent flood lights or 75 watt strobe light and any recording you prefer, no special recordings or CD's are required. Simply plug lights into box for synchronized sound and light.
Includes: sound fx CD and controller box
Should not be mounted outdoors in unprotected or wet settings.
Does NOT include lights, CD player, or speakers

May also be used to flash lights in synch to music at your next party or dance!

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