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Mutant Teeth Ugly Novelty Dentures

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Scarecrow® custom teeth are designed for realism and wearability. These are three-dimensional cast acrylic teeth (not painted on!). The teeth customize only to the front of your teeth creating a snap-fitting denture of unsurpassed wearability! The transparent liner forms a rigid mold of your teeth leaving your bite surfaces, soft pallet and back of teeth completely uncovered for a new level of comfort and natural speech The customizing kit is not an adhesive, but a procedure which takes only a few minutes and need be performed only once for years of use. The thin, form-fitting denture allows the wearer to speak and act more naturally than other ready-made teeth we've seen.
Nightmare Factory recommends Scarecrow® brand teeth!
Do not use Scarecrow teeth over braces, wires, plates, crowns, dentures or any other dental work. Do not use if you have irritated or sensitive gums. All materials are safe for use in the mouth. Store at room temperature (60-75 F). These teeth are for entertainment purposes only. Never bite anyone with your costume teeth. To prevent swallowing, do not eat, drink or sleep with your costume teeth on. Don't wear your costume teeth while using drugs or alcohol. Fake blood, red wine or other foods or drinks may stain your teeth. Replacement customizing kits are available.
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