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Cat-Tastrophe Animated Halloween Decoration With Fog

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Create an extra spooky ambiance with your Halloween decor by adding this animated witch with fog machine! This sinister sorceress stands before her bubbling black cauldron with flickering 'smoldering coals' while holdinga mangy cat by the feet. Once activated the witches eyes light up, head and torso turn from side-to-side, mouth moves, cat hisses and fails over the green bubbling cauldron. Includes 400W Fog Machine and hose attachmentfor added ambiance! Prop will say one of three sayings with each activation: '(evil laughter)'; 'Eh heh heh heh you will make a tasty meal - my favorite is the flesh from a black cat, but you will do nicely! Eh heheheheh!'; 'See what happens when you cross my path? Let this be a lesson to you - and a meal for me! Eh heheheh!' Easy to assemble with quick-connect poles and includes volume control. Activation options: steady-on, Step-Herepad, and infra-red sensor (works up to 6.5 feet awayandworks in all lighting conditions). Standard UL power adapter. Fog liquid not included. 80H x 40W x 4'D, animation right to left 36.
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